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bid on flight to china $800 but couldn't get the date needed to be there so tried to cancel and loose the $95 cancel fee but they convinced me I could keep the ticket and it would be good past the orig date allowed and just pay any fee increase on plane fare but could never get them to rebook and finally when i did they wanted $600 more which was way over any other price for same flight so I just asked for the orig return of ticket forfeit... Read more

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Great deal all around. Booked 2 bedroom stay in Orlando in 12/2015. No problems at all. They answered 2 questions/2emails about stay with suggestions/info to help. Add comment

In the past fifteen years, I have used skyauction over 60 times, from broadway shows, dinners in several cities, trips to the Carribean, you name it. Not once have they ever let me down. I even made a mistake on a winning bid once and they let me cancel it at no charge. You must simply read all the extra charges that apply and dates that are available and its still a great deal. I was very flexible so I could really take advantage of the deals.... Read more

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I have looked extensively to find the physical address and email address for If your question does not fit the consumer help FAQ, the site itself is a totally useless vehicle to find the company. I find myself facing about $200 in extra expense not even hinted at on either the website or the travel voucher/confirmation.It may be anathema to their business model to permit customers to have direct contact with them but I think... Read more

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we just returned from a 2 week vacation from florida and purchased a vacation rental thru skyauction. wonderful resort i have been using them for almost 10 yrs now and never had a problem with them. money refunded if dates did not work out. read the fine prints. one person says that they over charged him once the funds were converted from us to canadian. they state that all charges are in US dollars. i think most of the complaints are from... Read more

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Their usage of the term " subject to availablity" on every auction, allowes them to walk away from any auction where hey did not acheive a fair marker price. I bid on an auction that states : available only from oct 12 to october 18, 1-5 days max. I won the auction on a sunday and same day submitted my request. Called their office everyday ( monday, tuesday, wednesday and thursday, spoke to Daniel, chris and Nadia and Sam.. Was told to wait a... Read more

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Stranded with NO hotel stay tonight because Sky Auction reserved the wrong dates for me but I have a voucher with the right dates. I've never experienced such HORRIBLE service. The only thing they are doing is refunding my $$. Thanks for ruining my family's day Sky Auction!!! Add comment

I purchased a pay now travel later "all inclusive" trip to Punta Cana. It is for Vik Arena Blanca Hotel .After adding all of their fees I was expecting to be charged $600 altogether for 2 people . I got my credit card statement and was charged $794.78 which is complete ***. They do not give you the price in the currency you are paying in which I am Canadian and they charge US dollars. I contacted them right away stating i am not happy with the... Read more

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Four of us took a trip to China about 4yrs ago nothing but praise for the trip which included air from Fl all 1st class hotels tours etc all for $5200 per couple (price maybe off a couple of $) would go in a heart beat Add comment

I have bought a number of trips on Skyauction and have had no problems. Obviously you need to read the offer carefully and often you will find that with their fee and certain up-charges (for special dates or upgraded accommodations), you might not be getting the bargain you had hoped for. But I have done well by them (and vice versa). My most recent purchases were for a week's rental at Fripp Island and a 3 night hotel stay in San Antonio. In... Read more

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