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  • Oct 02
  • Auctions and Internet Stores
  • Product Availability
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Their usage of the term " subject to availablity" on every auction, allowes them to walk away from any auction where hey did not acheive a fair marker price. I bid on an auction that states : available only from oct 12 to october 18, 1-5 days max. I won the auction on a sunday and same day submitted my request. Called their office everyday ( monday, tuesday, wednesday and thursday, spoke to... Read more

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Stranded with NO hotel stay tonight because Sky Auction reserved the wrong dates for me but I have a voucher with the right dates. I've never experienced such HORRIBLE service. The only thing they are doing is refunding my $$. Thanks for ruining my family's day Sky Auction!!! Add comment


  • Jul 04
  • Travel
  • Burlington, Ontario
  • Pay Now Travel
  • 36

I purchased a pay now travel later "all inclusive" trip to Punta Cana. It is for Vik Arena Blanca Hotel .After adding all of their fees I was expecting to be charged $600 altogether for 2 people . I got my credit card statement and was charged $794.78 which is complete ***. They do not give you the price in the currency you are paying in which I am Canadian and they charge US dollars. I contacted... Read more

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Four of us took a trip to China about 4yrs ago nothing but praise for the trip which included air from Fl all 1st class hotels tours etc all for $5200 per couple (price maybe off a couple of $) would go in a heart beat Add comment


  • Dec 29, 2013
  • Travel
  • Elk Grove, California
  • False Breeder Accusation
  • 61

I have used Sky Auction a number of times and have been quite pleased! In fact I just returned from a vacation where my hotel was book with Sky Auction. Also they have always been accommodating with any logistical problems with my travel plans (eg. They have generously cancelled a "win" I had for a hotel room when I could not find adequate airfare to match). That being said you MUST READ THE... Read more

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  • Jun 14, 2013
  • Hotels and Resorts
  • Skyauction
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I have bought a number of trips on Skyauction and have had no problems. Obviously you need to read the offer carefully and often you will find that with their fee and certain up-charges (for special dates or upgraded accommodations), you might not be getting the bargain you had hoped for. But I have done well by them (and vice versa). My most recent purchases were for a week's rental at Fripp... Read more

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  • Jan 25, 2013
  • Hotels and Resorts
  • 229

I have used SkyAuction several times with no problems. I won a vacation to Fantasy Villas in Orlando. The place looked really nice. Great pool, water slide, etc. When I chose the dates(within the period of time stated), I was told that those dates were not available, but I could get Fantasy Villas 2, which is right next door. So thats what I did. When I got to Orlando, FV2 was a far inferior... Read more

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  • Jan 19, 2013
  • Travel
  • Baltimore, Maryland
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  • 226

First I am not a employee of Skyauction. Just ran across this complaint board. Learned a long time ago people have different levels of expectations. I often blog on internet reviews of services and find most negative reviews are in 2 categories. User error and bad days. While not perfect I have booked over 40 trips with this company since 2006. Never had a issue that they did not take care of. I... Read more

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  • Jan 17, 2013
  • Travel Agencies
  • 147

I have heard that they had employees bidding to up the bids. I'm not sure if they still do it. I would not trust them. It is something I heard a few years ago but it explains a lot in my opinion. I also heard they list "hotel taxes" as a way to make sure they make money on the deal no matter what. From my experience hotels charge a tax percentage based on your daily rate not a preset figure. I... Read more

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  • Nov 01, 2012
  • Travel Agencies
  • Warrington Township, Pennsylvania
  • Hotel Reservation
  • 218

Back in Sept. I had won an auction for 3 days to NYC. At the time I selected 11/5-11/7, but you could have selected any time period through the end of the year. With the recent events that have transpired with the hurricane, I asked if I could move my trip to a later date while NYC gets back to a level of normalcy. I am not even sure if power is back in this area of the city. I did get hit... Read more

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