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Their usage of the term " subject to availablity" on every auction, allowes them to walk away from any auction where hey did not acheive a fair marker price.

I bid on an auction that states : available only from oct 12 to october 18, 1-5 days max. I won the auction on a sunday and same day submitted my request.

Called their office everyday ( monday, tuesday, wednesday and thursday, spoke to Daniel, chris and Nadia and Sam.. Was told to wait a little longer... In summary.. Never got my confirmation..

My credit card never charged... A waste of time and energy. bogus listings.. As a cliche...

If sound too good to be true it probably is. I never had to wait 4 days to not hear back regarding a reservation.

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I am not sure who is writing this but every single person who submitted a booking for the offer you are describing has been confirmed. Have you checked you email?

You were also told on the phone that your reservation is confirmed. What more can we do?

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