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I have been a loyal customer to Skyauction for years now. I recently suggested the website to a friend who is looking to book a trip from himself and his family.

A few days later I received a call from him saying that he read Skyauction was a scam. Being a satisfied customer for many years I was very surprised to hear what people have been writing about Skyauction. I would like to take this opportunity to say that Skyauction is NOT A SCAM. How could they possibly be a scam and survived for as long as they have?

I have booked many vacations from the Bahamas to Mexico with Skyauction. Each time Skyauction delivered timely and responsibly to my needs. One thing I would like to address is the fact that when buying anything online you need to read all the information that is given with the item. I see that many people have complained about the hidden fees that associated with some of their auctions.

But, there are no hidden fees if you read the auction properly and this is why I have been so successful with Skyauction.

Skyauction is a legitimate company and if you do a little reading you have the possibility of saving a lot of money. I hope this was helpful for people who are thinking about using Skyauction

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Oak Creek, Wisconsin, United States #639506

I have used SkyAuction for the past 8 years. Have booked at least a dozen vacations and have never had a problem. The fees/cost has always been as stated at the time of my bid. One thing I would advise is to call the hotel directly to confirm a reservation has been made in your name for the dates and number of persons that will be traveling. Get the confirmation number from the hotel and the name of the person you are talking to.

I've found that calling airlines, hotels, resturants etc. prior to travel to confirm my reservation is one way to avoid any surprises ---- I do this regardless of whom I have booked with or thru.

I,ve only used skyauction for booking hotels, and based on my experience, I would recommend them for this purpose. BIG SAVINGS!!!

As far as quality of the room assigned, smile, greet the clerk, and be friendly --- have never had a bad room when doing this.


So far Skyauction has been great. They deliver on time.

I have used Skyauction for dinners and Broadway Shows for a fraction of the cost.

I am trying to bid on a hotel and do see other costs involved, so whomever is bidding, read everything before you bid, it may or may not be worth it.

I also ahve contacted Skyauction when I had a question, they were responsive. :grin


This skyuaction is nothing but a scam. SCAM SCAM SCAM


I first used Skyauction in 2001...and many times since. To Europe, Mexico, USA.

I have never had a problem. Again like so many before me advised be sure to read ALL the terms and conditions before even placing your bid. Make sure what you are bidding for will fit your needs..(ie time restrictions, size of property, amenities etc). Research the property on your own before placing a bid.

Read other travelers reviews. Now I know you can not make everyone happy all the time but if there are more positive than negitive reveiews (or vice versa) take it for what it is.

Nothing is a guarantee. We are all responsible for our own happiness.


I have used SkyAuction over the past 4 years for several Caribbean hotel bookings and everything has gone off without any problems. I have a new Caribbean trip booked through them and I just bought 2 restaurant certificates and can't wait to try out restaurants of high caliber at a great price. I highly recommend As others said you need to read the entire package (as in the fine print) so you know what your final cost will be.

Marau, Rio Grande Do Sul, Brazil #190204

I have been using skyauction for over 10 years...NEVER been dissatified! They have come through everytime! I will continue to use them!


I have used skyauction for a 2 wks Xmas trip to Punta Cana. First, you get what you pay for.

I read that all rooms have balconies with ocean view. Not so, they tried to book us in a standard room overlooking the garden. Our hotel was under construction, therefore we were upgraded to a JOKE Hotel. The room was old, damp, smelly & overall disgusting.

The only thing good to say is that I pushed for an ocean view room at checkin and got one. I had all the website info on hand, so they had to give me an ocean view. Be very careful about what you read. Once I complained via many, many emails and phone calls to the hotel itself, Skyauction updated and changed their website info.

I don't think I can trust them again. It was such a hassle to reach them.

Beware, their is always a reason for a great deal, make sure you contact the hotel etc before you actually pay for it. There is never enough info on the skyauction website.


I agree with you as well. I was referred to this website by a co-worker who has taken MANY trip using SkyAuction for both he and his wife.

They have been all over the Carribbean and Mexico and I have booked at least 3 of the trips for them and they have come back safe and sound.

SkyAuction does not charge any hidden fees.

They clearly advise you of any charges (port fees/surcharges/taxes) in the body of the auction. If you think it's too expensive, don't bid.


I have traveled through SkyAuction several time with much success, however, this last time has been a living nightmare, Hotel booked..OK, it happens, why not just give me a refund and let me try agian? No it been several weeks of the run around...'looking into it', will not take nor return calls. Time is short to try and get a vacation in this year...

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