First I am not a employee of Skyauction. Just ran across this complaint board.

Learned a long time ago people have different levels of expectations. I often blog on internet reviews of services and find most negative reviews are in 2 categories. User error and bad days. While not perfect I have booked over 40 trips with this company since 2006.

Never had a issue that they did not take care of. I have used other travel agencies in the past and found Skyauction's service better than the ones I used in the past. Saw someone complained that they are not accredited with BBB which is silly. It is a choice of any company to list with BBB.

Find listing with BBB is not a guarantee of good service.

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BBB membership gets you nothing. You just need to view that they are listed and see if there are complaints.

They don't need to be a member to have complaints listed.

To the poster, you are correct on the 2 different traveler types. Most just rack up to a bad day. Travel, especially air travel isn't much fun in the last 10 years.

There are so many variables that have to hit just right to go off w/o a hitch. People....lighten up a little bit and don't book travel on line.

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Been using for many years with no problems at all. But like someone said you have to read what you purchased and the terms.

If I wanted to complaint it would be that the price has double but I guess everything has.

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